RF Assemblies

Alpha Products, Inc. develops and manufactures of RF connectors and cable assemblies, we operate standard cable assembly lines to the same strict quality standards.
You can benefit from our coordinated range from the wealth of hands-on experience of our cable assembly departments.
Expert assembly in clamping, soldering, crimping and molding, combined with measurement procedures, warrant that the cable is made to meet your requirement.

How to order

Part number: 300/242A- --


Connector selection:

A = SMA straight male
B = SMA straight female
C = SMA right angle male
D = SMB straight female
E = SMB straight male
F = SMB right angle female
G = MCX straight male
H = MCX straight female
I = MCX right angle male
J =
K =
O = Other (describe)

Schematic selection:

1 = Cable treatment only
2 = Connector one side, full strip other end
3 = Connector one side, half strip other end
4 = Connector one side, blunt cut other end
5 = Connector both sides

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